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Creating Connections, Building Community

We have a vision of creating a supportive community to surround youth throughout middle school and beyond. One that includes, youth, mentors, families, as well as teachers, coaches, and other caring people. Through our programming we focus on creating or strengthening several types of connection.

Mentors support and empower participants


Mentors commit to spending time with youth in our afterschool program once a week for at least one year. Many mentors commit to more than that!

Individual Support

Our mentors get to know the children, parents, and teachers to celebrate strengths, and seek opportunities for development. Emphasis is on personal as well as academic growth


Mentors cheer for accomplishments large and small, from making a sports team, pushing through a challenge, or sending an email to a teacher advocating for themselves. We believe that teenagers can achieve anything they set their mind to.  



Afterschool Program

Our Afterschool Program is our primary offering. Mentors focus on getting to know youth and Rally Club provides a variety of activities to promote bonding and teambuilding, individualized academic support, and that youth and mentors enjoy. The focus is less on what the activity is, but that youth participate, are engaged, encouraged, and feel an overwhelming sense of welcoming and belonging.


Field Trips/New Experiences

We organize trips to unique destinations and facilitate hands-on learning opportunities. Youth expand horizons and enjoy time with peers and mentors.


Family Events

We offer various activities throughout the year that promote community involvement and strengthen the relationships between parents, children, and mentors.

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